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Listed below are publications involving the LEONARD Personality Inventory (LPI) and the Yong EQ Inventory.

  Name Title
1. Tan Wee Wah Emotional Intelligence and Leadership Development
2. Dr Leonard Yong Yong EQ Inventory: Norms & Technical Manual
3. Leonard Personality Incorporated Norms & Technical Manual: The Leonard Personality Inventory (LPI)
4. Augustine Tan Validation of Emotional Excellence Questionnaire

5. Kenneth Phun Thean Ming Personality Profiles of Lecturers In A Private College: An Invesitgation Based on Leonard Personality Inventory Unpublished Master in Education Project Paper, University of Malaya, 2002.  
6. Kalai Selvi a/p Gopal Personality Profiles of Teachers In A Secondary School In Petaling Jaya Unpublished Master in Education Project Paper, University of Malaya, 2001.  
7. Dr Leonard Yong

Emotional signs, Star interview with Dr. Leonard Yong regarding Nescafe Kick-Start TV Programme,
Star Newspaper 15 September 2004, Youth section page 12

8. Dr Leonard Yong Interview with Dr. Leonard Yong on the use of Leonard Personality Inventory
Cosmo Magazine, 4 September 2004, Section 2 page 29


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